Rebecca Horne

Rebecca Horne

Multimedia director and writer

Brooklyn-based producer of photography, video, and multimedia digital content strategy. Science and art are some of my favorite topics.

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The Wall Street Journal

Under a Green Sun

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, in orbit since 2010, is on a mission to help us understand the Sun's impact on earth and nearby space, producing some the most dramatic images of the solar atmosphere.....

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The Wall Street Journal

Animals Eat Animals

Check back next week to see more images from The Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards exhibition. The exhibition showcases over 20,000 photographs from photographers in 56 countries, and is opening tomorrow at the National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C. The above shows cheetahs chasing a springbok...

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The Wall Street Journal

Mona Lisa Makeover

New from the publisher Gestalten, Sarah Illenberger is the first monograph of the Berlin-based artist’s work, and it encompasses her personal work as well as work for clients such as Vanity Fair and Nike.......

The Wall Street Journal

Plane Truths in Washington

Photographer Jeffrey Millstein's photographs of airplanes are currently being shown at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C....

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The Wall Street Journal

The View from Ground Zero

"The day the bomb was dropped, I was up at dawn cleaning my camera. A number of us were in two-person trenches about four miles from ground zero. That was the closest, at the time, that human beings were placed. They had sheep tied up at Ground Zero! We were...

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The Wall Street Journal

The Secret Life of Trees

Connecticut-based artist Bryan Nash Gill rescues wood from lumberyards and from land near his home, cutting and  preparing blocks of different trees, cut lumber, plywood, and even a cedar telephone pole, making relief prints by pressing the inked wood to paper.....

The Wall Street Journal

Shifting the Colors of War

The locations are the battlefields of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The images are made with the Cold War-era satellite film Aerochrome, a discontinued Kodak infared color film originally designed for reconnaissance and camouflage detection.....