Rebecca Horne

Rebecca Horne

Multimedia director and writer

Brooklyn-based producer of photography, video, and multimedia digital content strategy. Science and art are some of my favorite topics.

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Tent camera image on ground rooftop view of the brooklyn bridge brooklyn side article

Live Double Exposures Mash Up Beautiful Views and Ordinary Objects | WIRED

Abelardo Morell has created a tent camera that works like a portable camera obscura -- a periscope at the top throws the surrounding view onto the ground itself, which he then photographs, like a live double-exposure....

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Constructing the World's Largest Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge | WIRED

After 25 years as a boilermaker, shipfitter and welder, photographer Joseph Blum knows his way around construction sites. His remarkable photographs take us behind-the-scenes on the construction of the new eastern span of San Francisco’s bay bridge, and are on view at the San Francisco Arts Commission gallery through September....

Border article

Panoramic Wall Photos Examine the World's Most Volatile Borders | WIRED

In photographing politically significant walls from all over the world, one thing has become clear to photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer: "Peace begins where walls fall, not where they are erected,” he says....

Bar 114 113 site specific houston 12 article

Glitchy Aerial Photos Turn Real Buildings Into Artist Renderings | WIRED

Olivo Barbieri has spent 10 years making artfully distorted aerial photos of 40 cities around the globe, creating twisted viewpoints of familiar sites that make sly reference to modern art....

Mars article

Stunning Photos of the Red Planet in Black and White | WIRED

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is Aperture's hottest new photographer. The fine art publisher is presenting 152 carefully edited images in a new book out this fall titled, This Is Mars....

Aw4gmk enc 106 rm paton v3 b 11x14f hiresrgb article

Candy-Colored Congo Sees Waking Dreams Verge Into Nightmares | WIRED

Richard Mosse's three years of photography work in the Congo using discontinued infrared film is haunting, surreal and beautiful....

Mckenna klea 09 article

Crumpled and Abused Photo Paper Makes for New Landscape Photography | WIRED

Klea McKenna is a landscape photographer, but not a landscape photographer as most people think of it. Her abstract images, which seem pock-marked and scorched, are almost indecipherable until the process behind them is known. By exposing light-sensitive paper to the elements or placing dirt and grass directly onto photographic...

Gasoline 13 article

50 Years of Gas Station Photos Pump Out Premium Americana | WIRED

Gasoline is a forensic look at newspaper photography and retro Americana, drawn from archival press images of gas stations from 1944 through 1995....